Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm Plum Sick of Plums!

Well, not yet. But SOON!

I think I mentioned, yesterday, that we had about 800-trillion plums ripening on the tree.

And I feel *real* bad when they end up rotting on the ground.

And the dogs are pissed 'cuz I don't let them in the back garden anymore (ironically, the back garden was *originally* the "Designated Dog Yard" - and now they are forever banished [well, at least during Gardening Season!]). Used to be that Tazz would gain 5# during peach season!!!

But I digress.............

Yes. I have plums.

Today's Harvest
(after I pawned off a shopping bag-full on my neighbor!)

But wait! There's MORE!
And more...

Looking up!

Yes, there's more...

Oh Good Gawd!!!

Yes, this really is just ONE tree!

Oh here - this is taken from the *other* side of the tree!

And this is the view from my Studio Window...

Holy Cow! Enough already!!!

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