Friday, April 15, 2011

I haz a Beach!

Ahhh... So things are progressing quite nicely in The Studio!

First, I raided the "Oops" pile (Again!) at Home Depot and scored another boatload of paint!

8oz. "Samples" - Fifty cents apiece! Can't go wrong!

Soooo, I basked in the glow of my Tropical Sky for a couple of days, then decided I was on a roll so I continued on Thursday afternoon - after work...

I haz an ocean!

Just getting started...

Done! (Well, mostly!)

Another view of "mostly done"

I haz ocean on my fingerz!

Beauty, eh?!

Then (Shhh! Don't tell my boss!) I spent my lunch-hour, today, working on the beach!

Lunchtime working on the beach!

I couldn't decide which shade of "Oops" paint from Home Depot I should use for the sand. At first I thought this shade was too "pinky" - but then I found a smaller can of "Oops" paint that was close-but-not-too-far from *this* shade of "Oops" paint - and I *had* to have 2-colors to give it "depth." So I opted for the peachier shade of beige for the beach and I have to say I'm pretty darned pleased! Yes Sirree! Pretty darned pleased!

Of course, now with the 2-toned beach, I realized that my Sea has no Depth (Perish the thought!), so this afternoon, I added some breaking waves...

Breaking Waves (can you hear 'em crashing?!)

Close-up of shoreline

It ain't the Sistine Chapel ceiling - but, overall, I'm pretty damned pleased with my work so far!

The sad news is: This is the only wall big enough for my shelving units, so - when it's all said-and-done - you probably won't *see* most of the seascape - But *I* know it's there!

So that's the Latest 'n Greatest! Next: I start the faux-painting on the other three walls (hopefully I'll have some help!).

Oh my Gawd - I may actually be able to start MOVING IN in a week!!!

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