Saturday, April 23, 2011

...And Another Mini-Update...

Farm-Share / CSA - First Delivery:

Not to be a Total Finnyknits Rip-Off or anything...

Actually, when I started Googling recipes for the various ingredients, I found that there were lots of "Farm Share" blogs where folks post their weekly Farm-Share hauls, and what they did with them. Although - I have to admit - my first "exposure" to "Community Supported Agriculture" (CSA's) was through Finny's blog-posts.

Normally, I buy whatever produce I need at the Grocery Store. I also like to hit the local Fruit/Veggie Stand (not far from home). And, in fact, I have *many* fond memories of going on Sunday Drives with Dad to hit whatever Veggie Stands we could find (Not to "date" myself or anything, but I actually remember when Silicon Valley was *just* orchards!!!).

Soooo... I stumbled onto a Groupon deal where you could get your first order from FFTY for half-price. I figured - what they hey - and bought it... (Disclosure: If you click my Groupon Link, and order something, I do get a $10 credit) (And I'm totally okay with that!!!).

Anyway - I went ahead and bought the Groupon, then signed up for bi-weekly service from Farm Fresh To You (No compensation to be had from that link - but if you're *really* interested, email me offline and I can give you a coupon code good for $5.00 off your first order!).

Our first delivery arrived yesterday:

This week's haul included: Romaine Lettuce, carrots, zucchinis, avocados, yams, mint, white baby turnips, apples and mandarin oranges...

As well as a small basket of fresh, SUPER-SWEET strawberries!

Did I mention that they were SUPER-Sweet???

What's funny is: I had *just* gone to the grocery store (having forgotten about my scheduled delivery!). Thankfully, I didn't buy any produce. But I *did* notice the Local Migrant Farm-Workers selling huge boxes of strawberries on the street-corners and *almost* stopped to buy a box! I'm glad that I didn't!

Anyway, we've got fresh ORGANIC produce galore and *now* I've got to figure out what to do with it!

I don't think I'll become one of those "Farm-Share Bloggers" posting recipes all the time. But if I do create something particularly noteworthy, I'll probably post it...

Studio Update:


Which do we prefer? Lame attempt at stenciling a basket-weave pattern with paint on the walls?


Or *real* woven mat?

Currently resting on the floor of the shed (so it will "relax and unwind")

I vote for B!!! I purchased three 4'x8' mats to hang on the walls. Hopefully, sometime next week, P will come over to help me staple them to the walls! I have also ordered some bamboo "slats" to use for the baseboard and whatever "edging" I'll need (when/if we need to cut the matting).

Garden Update:

Well, I've set-up the irrigation in the two new raised beds... 1/4" soaker-hose in a figure-8 pattern around both beds...

Haven't set-up the irrigation in the Staw-Bale bed yet (moving the wheelbarrow full of MUD just-plum wore me out!!!), but I *am* pleased to report that decomposition *is* happening! I wanted to get to one of my tomato cages behind one of the straw bales... I figured I could just step up onto a straw-bale and hike back there to get it - NOTTT!!! Damned straw-bales are already starting to break-down (and my foot sunk INTO it!!!). Hence, I had to move the mud-filled wheelbarrow in order to access the 'mater cage. I *did* run a 1/2" line back - behind the shed - to a spot next-to the straw-bale bed. I haven't hooked up a drip-line yet because the drip line needs a hot, sunny day to "relax" it (it's tightly-coiled now and won't unwind).

Okay, that's the latest...

Wow. Blogging *is* much easier (albeit - probably a lot more boring) when I do "Mini-Updates" along the way!

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