Sunday, September 16, 2012

Semi-Productive Weekend (Oh Gawd, More Happy Stuff!)

I managed to wander out to the Tiki Shack *relatively* early this morning (well, around 10-ish k?!).  Got my Bisque-firing started and, as I was "on my way" I glanced at the Veggie Garden, and the Garden Fence, and started *thinking* about the chores I need to start tackling!!!

Now, had I been SMART, I would've started with the Garden Chores *immediately* after firing up the kiln! ('cuz temps were in the upper-60's/low-70's at the time - PERFECT "Yard-Chore Weather!").  Of COURSE I didn't do that!  Instead, I set-about "cleaning-up" my 24 Christmas Ornaments (Umm, *before* the Tiki Shack got oppressively hot with the kiln running!!!).  So I logged a couple hours' worth of Tiki Shack Time...  And the ornaments are now drying (slowly) under loosely-wrapped plastic.  Might start something new - might not!  We'll see!

Anyway, after cleaning-up the ornaments, I looked outside and realized that the Veggie Beds were now in FULL sun and I wasn't too eager to tackle any of my yard chores (Ooooops!).  Nevertheless, I did grab a pair of pruners and I DID hack-back the Morning Glory Vines (which were threatening to behead me as I walked thru the gate to the Secret Garden!).

Before (Sorry, no "Afters!"):

Love 'em, buttt....
They're pretty-damned "vigorous!"

I also did manage to hack-back Arte-the-Choke.  No picture, but you've seen plenty of shots of Arte's Bed.  And Arte has put-out a "pup" or two, so I expect that we'll get even more 'chokes next year! (Yay!)

And that was about as much "productivity" as my body would allow, for today!

Even though I have been walking and acting like a Normal Human Being for THIRTY DAYS NOW!!!! - I don't want to"push it" and risk a relapse!  (Trust me when I say that relapses SUCK out loud!!).

Anyway, I've got one of the raised beds clear-enough for amending and re-planting and installing the framework for the cold-frames.  That's a pretty-damn-good start, I think!

So, I'd have to say that - overall - this was a fairly productive weekend (I'll f**kin' take it!!!)

Not a whooooole lot.  But enough, k?!!

Me = Happy.  And that's all that matters! ('cuz it's All About Meeeee!!!!)


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