Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lotion/Lip Balm Recipe #2 (kind-of a recipe)

Sorry - No pics yet!  But I'll try to post 'em later (after they've setup a bit).  Although - to be honest - they're gonna look just like the pics in a previous post!!!

So I've really enjoyed the Hard Lotion Bars I made a few weeks ago.  I've enjoyed 'em so much, they are almost all gone!

And the consistency is "stiff enough" that I think they'll serve double-duty as Lip-Balm.  So I purchased some empty lip-balm tubes from eBay...

So anyway, I decided to make 'em again - but tweak the recipe just a tad - in the hopes that I might cut-down on the greasiness.  (Final results/opinions to be posted later).

Here is what I used:

1.5 oz Shea Butter (supposed to be kinda "sticky" and therefore not "greasy!")
1.5 oz Cocoa Butter
3 oz Coconut Oil
3 oz Beeswax
~1 tsp Chamomile Essential Oil
~1 tsp Tea Tree Oil
~1 TBS Aloe Vera Oil
~1 TBS Castor Oil

I melted everything in my ersatz double-boiler (1 QT glass Pyrex Glass Mixing/Measuring Cup Thingie, nested inside of a 2+ QT Saucepan filled w/appx 1" of boiling water), stir constantly.  As soon as everything was all liquidy and smooth, I grabbed a Turkey Baster to suck-up some of the melty stuff, and squidged it into a couple of lip balm tubes.

I squidged the remainder into my silicone "flower/muffin" molds.

I ended up with two lip balms, and 5 hard lotions.

They need to set-up overnight, then I'll check 'em for "setness"/usefulness.  I am HOPING they aren't as greasy as the last batch - but still smooth and soothing enough for Everyday Use on my dried-out-and-peeling-Zombie Paws!!!

I'll check back-in later - with pictures! :-)

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