Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wow. Just Wow.

I don't normally post Political Stuff here. I kinda view Politics in a similar light as Religion, to be perfectly honest: Everybody's entitled to their own beliefs and no amount of proselytizing is gonna sway others to your way of thinking...

And it's just plain "dangerous territory!"

Nevertheless, it's no big secret that I tend to lean toward the left-end of the spectrum. Although, by San Francisco Bay Area Standards, I'm actually kinda "Conservative." But many folks in the South would probably consider me a complete Left-Wing-Nutcase...

In any event, I decided to work from home today, so I could catch the Inauguration on TV.

Pretty damned inspiring, if you ask me. I even got a little choked up in spots (which is *definitely* not ME!).

Barack's speech was Right On The Money and... [Must consult thesaurus!] Hmmm... Encouraging, Heartening, Motivating, Stirring (Stringing 'em all together is a bit over-the-top! So no!)

Well, Inspiring really is the best word, I think!

I just really, really hope he can lead us out of this mess! So far, I'm encouraged. Let's see what the coming weeks and months bring our way.....................................

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