Sunday, January 25, 2009

Am I slackin'?

Looks like I'm not exactly the most prolific blogger on the intertubes. Although - ya gotta admit - once I get goin', it's difficult to get me to shut-up, right?!

Honestly, there hasn't been all that much going on lately. The last couple of weekends, we had extraordinarily nice weather. So I spent a fair amount of time puttering around in the yard. Posted about that, yes... And yes, I did manage to get all of the fruit trees pruned and Rog sprayed 'em with Dormant Oil/Fungicide stuff... Annnnd I started hacking down some of the dead Cannas (They'll come back - with a vengeance!)...

Plus, I managed to yank out all the dead plants from my raised veggie bed. I'm hoping to add a layer of leaves and compost and maybe another bag of topsoil and/or steer manure to that so it can get amended into the base before I start my next season's garden. The Hounds are eager to do their part to "help" with the cultivating. Of course, their idea of cultivating more closely resembles "excavating!" And now that the rains have started, that makes for a damned muddy mess! (Muddy Paws + Ugly '70s Brown Shag Carpet = Well... Not much!!!).

...Now why can't The Hounds can't exercise their "cultivating"/"excavating" abilities in the hard-packed CLAY soil elsewhere in the yard??? (Ohhhh, excuse me - I guess they prefer the nice "fluffy" soil in my raised bed - Of COURSE!!! Silly me - what WAS I thinking?!!)

I have installed new low-wire fencing/borders that *should* keep my Little Helpers OUT of the garden now!

* * * * *
Yeah, so... I *really* enjoyed the gorgeous weather we were having. Record-breaking temps into the mid 70's! And I did get more than a twisted thrill (or two) from calling Joisey Kathie on the phone (who was hunkered-down and doing her best to get through ice-storms!) - just to let her know I was heading out in Shorts-And-A-Tank-Top to go work in the yard... (I was definitely "feelin' the love" when she responded!)

...But it was a "bittersweet" kind of enjoyment - because we DESPERATELY need rain.

In fact, we took a little drive last weekend and stopped off at Chesbro Reservoir. Chesbro is one of several reservoirs that supply our drinking water. Located west of Morgan Hill, in the lovely Santa Cruz Mountains, it's the lake where we do most of our sailing b/c it's not TOO huge, but it *is* nice 'n deep with pretty decent winds (afternoons can get rather "challenging" even!), and it has a terrific launch ramp. (Long-winded boat-restoration project and sailing stories here - Warning: Sound!)

Well, we snapped a couple of photos w/Rog's Camera Phone and things are looking... Well, "dismal" would be a gross understatement! Chesbro was built back in the 50's when they dammed up a valley surrounding Llagas Creek. Evidently, there was a road and a bridge that went over Llagas Creek back then. I had no idea b/c it was at the BOTTOM of the reservoir, right?

Here's a shot from last weekend:

Note: Off to the right, I've indicated where the "normal" water level is! Yeah, Chesbro Reservoir is turning back into Llagas Creek! Not Good!

Just for point of reference, this page has a little bit of Chesbro's history, and also has an aerial view of the reservoir when it's full. Our bridge pic was taken at just-past the mid-way point "up" the lake. Right above where it widens and "juts-out" to the right, then starts to get narrower.

And here is a shot of the launch ramp:

I figure it's probably about 15' (or more) from the bottom of the paved part of ramp before you begin to hit "mud!" And I guess that floating dock doesn't stand a chance of floating anytime soon! Plus, you can clearly see the dam in the background and where the water-level is *supposed* to be!

So yeah, we definitely DO need rain. LOTS of it. In fact, the prognosticators are already shrieking "Drought!" "Water Rationing!" And, honestly, THAT would suck because my Garden sure as hell *ain't* a Xeriscape!

Fortunately, the nice weather has left us and we've had *some* rain. Although it's mostly been just piddling/wimpy showers, so far (Naturally - they hit when I need to commute to the office!) (And Californians can't drive fer sh*t in the rain!!!). We actually need some serious downpours, and a LOT more snow in the Sierras (since much of our water comes from Hetch Hetchy and the Sierra snow-melt).

So fingers are crossed for some more wet-weather!

Won't be long before I start b*tching and moaning about wanting to see the sun though!!! (I GARE-OWN-TEE!!!)

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