Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day #2 - Not much has changed...

Not even worthy of add'l pics, I'm afraid!

WorkerBee "V" showed up today and put a second coat of paint on the cabinet interiors - so they're much brighter now! (Of course, photographically, they'd look about the same as yesterday's pics!)

He also installed the drawers (no drawer-fronts - yet). They're on FULL glides so they open ALL the way and you don't have to wrestle with 'em!!!

The actual re-facing materials were on a truck, all-day, en-route to San Ho-zay. They finally arrived around 4:30 this afternoon, but that was long-after WorkerBee-V had departed.

He should be here bright-and-early tomorrow morning and I have a sneaking suspicion that the job will be COMPLETE before he leaves - Yayyyy!!!

Better still - all of my "stuff" should arrive tomorrow, as well. So I can put the "grippy" (but non-sticky) shelf-liners down and start re-filling the cupboards this weekend! I also received my Mini-Lazy-Susans (for the "back" of the upper cabinets). I think I'll also receive my "under-sink" shelves that I'll have Rog install (after WBV replaces the Sink-Cabinet Base).

So far, I gotta say, I'm very pleased with my decision to go with Kitchen Tune-Up Fremont. The whole ordeal has been surprisingly painless! And amazingly non-disruptive. I didn't even have to move my "office" into Rog's territory (:::whew::: No Masking Tape Needed!) and I've been been able to keep working "full" days (although I do dash outside to the backyard whenever my work-cell rings).

I definitely plan to send 'em an unsolicited Letter-Of-Recommendation to top it all off!

Yep - I'm a very Happy Camper, so far................

Stay tuned! Hopefully, tomorrow, I can post some Bona-Fide "AFTER" shots!!!

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