Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day #1 - So far, So Good!

So Worker-Bee "V" showed up promptly @ 9:00am! That's a *very* good sign, IMHO!

Here are some random shots of "progress" taken throughout the day...

Doors removed most speedily:

Cabinet base interior painted:

Old Water-Damage under the sink (Bottom will be replaced and interior will be painted):

And 'lest you think this was all a "Walk-In-The-Park" - here's a shot of my Living Room AFTER the "Final" kitchen purge!!!
Here is our new Lazy Susan:

And more End-Of-Day Shots:

And another:

So far, I'm *very* pleased with the progress!!! Yes, there's still more painting to be done and No, we still haven't received the Cabinet Material - but it's still progressing quite nicely!!!
More to come... Film At Eleven..! =-)

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