Monday, November 10, 2008

November Blues.........

This is *not* my favorite time of year. Days are getting shorter (SIGNIFICANTLY shorter!); Weather is getting cooler (SIGNIFICANTLY cooler!); Holiday Madness is just around the corner (and I am, decidedly, *not* a Shopper!)...

I just came back from a simply freaking awesome vacation and really have nothing legitimate to complain about - yet I still do!!!

("I am woman... Hear me bitch!!!!").

Actually, the "timing" of the vacation was pretty bad. See, I know the last week of October is when Summer is Finally, Unequivocally OVER around here. On November 1, the thermostat gets turned WAAAAAAAY down!

And WATER starts falling from the sky. You know, that "rain" stuff???

So getting home on November 2 - with all of Outdoor Furniture still "out" - was actually a Bad Plan...

It's weird though: The Saturday I left (Oct 25), Rog was out at the Tiki Bar, swimming in the pool and working on his tan! On November 1st, temps had dropped a good 15*, it had already rained over an inch, and he spent the day shutting down the pool completely!

All in the space of ONE WEEK!

So anyway, I spent part of last week emptying and re-shuffling all the stuff in our backyard shed - trying to make space for all of the Summer Furniture. I tackled the Re-Org in smaller chunks - which was good b/c I no longer have the strength or stamina I used to have! And this past Saturday was a Race-Against-The-Clock - trying to get the Big Stuff broken down and put away!

"Scattered Showers" were predicted. Normally, I'd laugh that off. And "showers" this time of year are usually very mild sprinkles.

Thankfully, I got off my hinder fairly early on Saturday morning, and managed to break down both of the palapas (Palm thatch umbrellas: Big, heavy and unwieldy!) before the "scattered showers" (actually, freaking mini-monsoons!!!) hit! Good thing, too. Wet palapas are heavier still! Plus they'd have to dry before I stowed them away b/c they have a tendency to, well, get all nasty and moldy!!!

Rog also helped with moving some of the bigger items to shelter - Pool Floatie Lounges; Fridge; Sink-unit; Barstools; Loungers, etc.

So, much was accomplished this past weekend. Not ALL of it is done - but most of it. I've decided to tackle the rest, one-piece-at-a-time.

Oh, and I've got to finish moving my Tropicals back into the greenhouse. THAT was a challenge b/c my Plumerias are starting to turn into TREES! Next year, I don't think they'll fit through the greenhouse door - so I'm not sure WHAT I'm gonna do with 'em!!!

Breaking down the yard is always depressing. It's so lush and gorgeous during the summer months - and soooooo bleak and dreary in the winter!


So I've found myself in a bit of a "Funk" for the time being. Hence, the minimal blogging. Hopefully I'll pull myself out of it soon. I've been trying the whole "Count My Blessings" Routine (of which there are many, actually!), but so far it ain't workin'!!!

Oh, well..........

We ARE going to get our last bid for the Kitchen Project this coming weekend. Maybe starting a "New Project" will give me something to focus on and kick me OUT of this malaise!!!

I'll check back in when my mood has improved!!!

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