Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hope yours was a good one.

Mine was. We drove up to mom's house and Me & Rog, Sis & BIL and Mom all went to Crowne Plaza for the Thanksgiving Brunch. Expensive, but good...

Mom's too old to get into cooking (and - to be perfectly honest - she never really was "into" it!). So "Going Out" has been a Family Tradition for years.

I've hosted T-Giving here once or twice - but it's just easier to go the Buffet-Route.

Now, for Christmas this year, we'll go ahead and host it here - what-with the New Kitchen and all! But I'm going for the "low-drag" approach. Boston-Market all-the-way! Heat 'n Serve - Yeah! (I *like* it!!!). I'll probably still do some kinda home-made side-dish (and maybe try to find a recipe for sugar-free pumpkin pie), but it's mainly gonna be a "Cheater's Christmas" for us!

I'll still set a pretty table (gotta use the fine china - from mom - every once in awhile!). But I'm not gonna slave over a hot stove all frickin' day!

"Black Friday" is tomorrow - and all the shopping B.S. will begin (gotta add 20 minutes to my commute - just to get from the freeway to my house - since we live dangerously close to several shopping 'mauls!').

No, I won't be hitting the stores @ 5:00am tomorrow. As I'd mentioned earlier - my Christmas Shopping is DONE! (We're talking "wrapped and everything!")

Nope. Tomorrow I'm actually semi-working (most of our clients are closed - so it should be a quiet day). Roger's off, so we'll get the lights up on the outside of the house (neighbor across the street got his lights up last weekend - Aaaaack!).

I'll wait 'til the kitchen is done before I put the tree up (Living Room is piled high with boxes of kitchen sh*t!)

Anyway.... Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

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