Tuesday, November 25, 2008


...That's where I've been! (I guess I should snap a photo of the blue-duck contact paper - for posterity!!!)

I'm happy to report that ALL of the kitchen cabinets are empty now (Yay!) - Except for one! And Blue-ducks are *nearly* all-gone!!!

Everything's stashed away - either in the garage-pantry, or in boxes.

I've only got one cabinet left now: The dishes, coffee-cups, and glassware cabinet. I'll run over to the storage place tomorrow and buy proper packing materials. And I hope to get that one emptied-out by Sunday.

I also uncovered a significant quantity of paper plates and plastic cups - so we can "survive" in the interim! They're in one of the previously-empty cabinets - but that stuff is pretty minimal, so they'll be easy to remove...

I did manage to make my Goodwill Run yesterday. Filled up almost half of the bed of the pickup, actually! So that made me feel very good! I got rid of sh*t - and we get a Tax Deduction - AND hopefully SOMEBODY less-fortunate-than-us can put this stuff to good use!

I call that a Win-Win-Win!

Roger's home from his latest Adventure (and hasn't kvetched about the general state of disarray - YET!)... And I'm back in the work-grind now (Busy as hell, actually! I hope that means I've got some semblance of "Job Security!").

The actual Kitchen Work starts next week (Wow!!!). I'm so excited!

Kinda funny to think it took MONTHS to lead up to this (what with the gathering-bids BS I went through) and, now that it's all said-and-done, the work'll be done in a matter of 2-3 days.

Hell, it's almost anti-climactic! Well, except for the fact that the kitchen is gonna look about 1000% BETTER than it does now!

Well, that and the fact that "putting sh*t back" into the kitchen is probably gonna be another ordeal - all on it's own (but this time I really-and-truly WILL be organized and methodical - I swear!!!!).

It's All Good!

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