Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Okay Okay... Garden Update!

So I popped over to Finnyknits blog today and - the b*tch!  She's already got, like, half a dozen baby 'maters growing!  What-up wit' dat?!!

I mean, yeah, she *did* get her 'maters in the ground a full month ahead of me - BUTTT she also got afflicted with The Blight and had to rip-out/replace a couple of plants.  She's only *just* up the road from me so I'm SURE she got hit with the same Cold and Wet and Ugly June Storm, yet her 'maters are rising from the dead like ZOMBIES or something!

It ain't right, I tellya!

(Not that I am COMPETING or anything!  No sirree!) (I am not what'cha'd call real "competitive") (But I DO hate to lose!!!).

So anyway, I figured "If Finny's plants are producing, then SURELY mine must be, too!"

"Not so, Kemosabe!"

Yeah, I've still got the one Stupice, and it's getting bigger (Yay):

"Go-Go Stephanie!"

Other than that, I've only got blossoms.  Lots and lots of blossoms on almost all of the plants...

Kay-kay-kay!  Shouldn't complain, I know!
But I want MATER BABIES!!!!

So I did it up, all Finny-like, and PEP-TALKED my plants this afternoon...  I was all "C'mon Maters!  Lets get GROWING now!  Can't have Finny kickin' my butt, now!  No way!!!  Grow - Damn you!"

Let's hope the pep-talk worked.  And, in the meantime, let us RECOGNIZE those plants that are producing without requiring "Motivational Speaking" shall we?

Nope.  I still haven't ripped out Mr. Cabbage.  He's up to about 7" diameter now!
(Hell, I still haven't made cole slaw out of the LAST cabbage I harvested!)

Annnnd...  I need to read-up on Artichokes, but - after harvesting the last 2 Artie's, I figured he was DONE.  But I looked out the bathroom window yesterday morning and....  Wow!!!

Artie Jr!!!

And the Big ol' Artichoke plant seems to have put out a "pup" plant, right next to it.  Yep - definitely need to consult the Garden Book that hubs gave me for my b-day to figure out how to deal with all this Artichoke-Multiplication Action going on in my backyard!

Annnnnnnd....  Remember how, last year, I was p*ssing and moaning endlessly about "What the hell am I gonna do with ALL THESE PLUMS?!!"

Well, brace yourselves...  This year it's gonna be "What the hell am I gonna do with ALL THESE PEACHES?!!"

'Cuz I think we're gonna have a few...

Okay, maybe more than a few...

Sweet Jeezus!  
Talk about an Over-Achiever!!!

Keep in mind, these are all pictures from ONE tree (the early-bearing white peach).  I HAVE TWO OTHERS!!!

Ironically, I think I "culled" the most peach-babies from this tree (I shudder to think how much fruit we'd have if I *hadn't* picked off appx 1/3 of the fruit when they were teeny babies).  The peaches on this tree will be a tad on the small side, but MOST abundant.  The Yellow peach tree will produce larger fruits (later in the season), but smaller quantities (Thank Gawd).

I suspect there's gonna be a TON of canning going on in the weeks to come!!!

Anyhoooo...  Things seem to be progressing quite nicely in the garden.  Hopefully, soon, we'll get some nice HOT tomato weather (which = "Swimming Weather!"), and I'll catch-up-to (and SURPASS!) Ms. Finnyknits!


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