Thursday, January 12, 2012

No Post Tonight - Other than "Ain't I Clever???"

After I spent the better part of today cooking (Apple Chips came out fine - and the Onion-Bacon Jam looks promising, so far)... And after taking a bazillion pictures (Crappy Droid pics - as well as some Decent "Real Camera" pics)... And after transferring them all to my laptop...

My laptop started acting up. Booooooo!!!

Nothing serious (I hope), but it wants to overheat and shut itself off at random intervals. So I'll be taking it to a computer repair shop tomorrow. I think the cooling fan is probably jammed up with dust and crud. But I'm not hedging my bets. I'm running a full back-up of my hard-drive tonight and minimizing the "strain" I put on The Beast...

So Mini-Post tonight and, hopefully, tomorrow I'll be able to do my "Cooking Frenzy Wrap-Up" (including *updated* Onion-Bacon Jam Recipe *and* halfway-decent pictures!).

Tonight's post: Do you ever find yourself REALLY annoyed when you've printed up a recipe, and you're making a mess of the kitchen and either keep misplacing the recipe? Piling crap on top of it? Slopping chicken broth, spaghetti-sauce, apple-juice, whatEVERS on your print-out and obliterating the text???

Nah. Didn't think so!

Here is my most-clever and ridiculously simple solution:

It's a magnetized clip thingie-doo. I just tack it to the metal range-hood and clip the recipe-paper into it! It's up, out-of-the-way, unlikely to get slopped on, and easily readable!

Freaking Amazing!!!

Only caution there is: Don't hang it directly above whatever pots/burners you're actually cooking with because - "Duhhh!"

And no, you can't sue me for your own stupidity if you DO do that and burn your house down! ;-)

More tomorrow.....................................

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