Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let's Build a Shed!

So yeah... We cleared a space in the yard and I finally decided that two-extra-feet was gonna make a world of difference.

I also ended up blowing-off Tuff-Shed's bid (too high) and went with California Custom Sheds, instead. They built the "other" shed in our yard and we are very happy with it. Their price was better *and* they build the entire thing on-site in one day. Tuff-Shed pre-fabs the shed, and brings it in, in pieces. This could be problematic given the fact that the far-back-side-yard is fenced in, has a narrow pergola, and *still* has an abundance of fruit trees. I don't think they could bring it in one-wall-at-a-time.

No glory or reimbursements, but I'll give 'em a plug just the same: California Custom Sheds. I'm just a very happy customer.

I was even able to arrange everything via email/phone calls. I've been "dreaming" about my studio for quite some time, so I already had a spreadsheet illustrating what-goes-where. They built it to my exact specifications and they delivered "when they said they would!" Actually, there was a delay - due to weather. But they were very good about communicating and squeezed me into the first available slot - after the rains had subsided.

Here are a few shots of the shed going up:

4x4 Pressure-Treated Skids going down

Walls going up!

All done!

They arrived just before 9:00am, and were gone by 4:00pm. I brought them cold sodas while they worked (which they appreciated, I'm sure. It was surprisingly hot that day!). They even painted the exterior to match the house. Yay!

All of this went down a couple-three weeks ago...

Am I done yet? Oh, hell no!!! Now I've gotta finish the inside!!!

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