Saturday, March 21, 2009

White House Garden

The latest buzz in the Gardening Blogosphere is that Michelle Obama is starting a vegetable garden on the white house lawn.

Various links:

A site devoted to encouraging the current residents to grow a veggie garden: Eat the View.

Garden Rant posts here, and here, and here.

And official White House blog post here.

(I have no doubt there are others, but those are the ones I read most recently!!!)

And some news reports here:

And here:

I think this is Just Plain Cool!

Some folks might find this downright silly - in light of all the "Important Issues" facing the current administration - but I'm not going to get into political commentary (kinda like wrestling a pig, right?).

I *will* say that "Getting Back to Basics" is most-definitely a Key Issue that faces ALL of us. And how much more "basic" can you get - than growing your own fresh, healthy produce for your dinner table?

I especially love how they're getting elementary school children involved... I mean "Free Labor" - Love it! Noooooo - just kidding! This is all about that "Next Generation of Gardeners" that I was talking about in an earlier rant.

And yes, I absolutely believe it *will* make a difference, if we can get more kids excited about gardening. Hell, it almost makes me want to volunteer at a local school or something (would that I had any credentials!).

Anyway, seeing this makes me happy.

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