Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jimmy's Comin'!!!

Yep. Jimmy Buffett in concert next Tuesday 10/21 @ Shoreline Amphitheathre!!!

Yep!!! Got my Tickets and I'm a Happy Camper!!!!!!

As usual, I ordered my "original" $300+ tix on the day, at the very frickin' moment, they went on-sale...

200 section, Natch!

Not *horrible* - but not great, either!

I kept going back to TicketB@$stard's site and - about a month before the show - scored 100 section tix and had to unload my previous tix (at a LOSS!) on Craigslist :::sigh:::

But - when JB tix go on-sale, I take-on a Tazz-like personna where I go into full-blown DT's and Depression if I *don't* have Tix, in-hand...

Yes, every year, I go back and review just HOW MUCH I PAID for Tix - and tell myself I'd be better off just skipping the "Day-of-Sale" BS on TicketB@$stard - and just pay thru the nose for Primo Tix thru eBay (or, or whatever!). In the long run, it'd be cheaper to go that route - but I just *can't* seem to retrain myself!!!

(A lesson to be learned, for sure - as I'm trying to train Tazz to drop the ball "In-The-Bucket!" Ball = JB Tix!!!).

Anyway.... I did manage to unload my extra JB tix at *only* a $100 loss, this year (a vast improvement over previous years, actually!). And I've got my "Lowers" in-hand, so I'm a Happy Camper!

I just need to drag out all the Tiki-Truck Regalia: Including "The Margarator!" and a Tiki Umbrella, + Hula-skirt + "License to Chill" plate + Gawd-knows what-else I'll bring along this time!!!

Couple-three-four-years ago, I'd totally planned on "doing it up right" for a JB show and Rog was all "rolling his eyes" and stuff...

(although - by that time, he'd learned to just "give up" and let me run w/it - as opposed to one of our first years going to a JB show when he took on this whole "You're not wearing THAT are you?!" Attitude with me. "Uh yeah! Got a problem wit' dat?!! Get OVER IT ALREADY!!!")

So anyway, I'd planned on doing it up - and was yammering endlessly, in the truck (on the way there) about how my goal was to "Make it onto the Parking Lot Video!!!"

Well, damned if I didn't make it onto the video!!! Truck-bed got fully converted to a Tiki Bar and I was all done-up in Flamingo-Paraphernalia. The JB Crew was wandering thru the parking lot looking for "outrageous" set-ups and, yes, we MADE the video!!! (I think I yammered about that in a previous post - but I still consider if one of the few "High Points" in my pathetic little existence!!!)

Not sure if we'll manage a "Repeat" - but I'm willing to give it a try!!!

Anyway, I think tomorrow I'll start digging thru the shed for the Buffett Decor...

Aaack... Just learned I'll be tailgating alone - at least initially...

More to follow, later........................................

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