Tuesday, May 1, 2012

PSA: Neato-Bandito-Lime-Squisher

Okay, I'd posted a few months back, about my Sugar-Free Fresca-Rita Margarita Recipe...

Well, today I went out back to rest my feet in the sunshine ("Doctor's Orders") and, since I was sitting at the Tiki Bar, well...  It was MANDATORY to have an "Adult Beverage," right???

Turns out, I had run out of bottled Lime Juice (:::gasp:::), but I *did* have fresh limes (:::whew!!!:::)

While I was visiting my college-buddy, D, in Mexico last year - she had THE coolest little lime-squishing gizmo (in fact, she LAUGHED at me when I had emailed her - prior to our arrival - that I would require "bottled lime juice" for my margaritas!) (and - don't get me wrong - I wasn't "demanding" anything:  She had sent me an email prior to our arrival *asking* what she should have on-hand for our visit - like any good hostess would!!!) (And I have done the same prior to HER visits here - so *please* don't think me an "Obnoxious House-Guest!).

Annnnnywaaaaaayyyyy...  Fresh Limes are PLENTIFUL in Mexico.  And the Mexicans have a Most Ingenious Way to extract lime juice from said plentiful limes:

Mondo-Cool Lime-Squisher-Gizmo!

It's made of some kinda cheap pot-metal (undoubtedly chock-full of lead and PCB's and other nasty carcinogenic sh*t!).  I've actually seen similar "juicers" - made of plastic - at the grocery store and BB&B and whatnot - but they do NOT hold a candle to this one!

It's a hinged, metal doohickey, and the bottom has holes in it (for the juice to run out - but "Trust Me!" - you also need to turn it sideways so the excess juice runs out the side).  Now, you'd *think,* given the shape, that you should place the sliced lime in it, rounded-side down.  Not so, Kemosabe!  You want to put the flat (cut) side down in the rounded bottom, and when you squish the top, rounded, part down - you kinda turn the lime "inside-out" to get ALL of the juice!

Anyway, I *love* my Lime-Squisher-Gizmo.  And - it turns out - FRESH lime juice tastes WAY better than bottled - in a Fresca-Rita (Why am I not surprised?!!)

Soooo...  You can follow my original recipe (linked above).  Substitute the "1-2 parts lime juice" with 1/2 of a freshly squeezed lime.  And you can cut-back on the Splenda b/c FRESH limes are naturally sweet!

I love-love-love my Messkin Lime-Squisher!  And, in fact, they make them in different sizes so I *also* have a much-larger (Orange-Sized) squisher for whenever I feel compelled to squeeze fresh OJ for hubs..!

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