Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I ♥ The Bloggess ("Nothing to see here...")

Okay, so I am like, totally, behind-the-times and only recently discovered The Bloggess.

I honestly don't remember how I stumbled onto her blog (prob'ly linked from one of the other blogs I read regularly). I've only recently added her to my newsreader and she is... Well... Bizarre! I've been reading her more recent posts (like, in the last month) and decided I'd go back and read through her archives so I could "get to know her" better...

Have you ever spent, like, an entire weekend tuned-in to Netflix, watching, say, a "Hoarders" Marathon, and suddenly felt an overwhelming Urge to Purge your ENTIRE HOUSE?

And then ACTED on it???

Nahh, didn't think so.

Well, reading a years' worth of The Bloggess' posts is kinda like that. Except without the Goodwill Tax-Deductions (Hmph!).

I totally "get" her - which is kinda cool and extremely disconcerting all at the same time. It's almost like I want to "be" her - only without the need for Anxiety Meds... Or fear of squids... Or relentless obsessing over the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse... ya know?!

Seriously, she is hysterical. And whacked. And I think, maybe, she actually makes a *living* at writing (which I, obv, could never ever hope to do!).

(Although I *am* published!!! I even got paid (!) - a whopping $103.00(!) for a magazine to publish one of my Liveaboard web-pages, almost-verbatim!)

Oh, and The Bloggess seems to spend an inordinate amount of time on Twitter, so I'm "following" her there. I've had a Twitter Account for, like, forEVER - but I hardly ever Tweet.

But - Thanks to the Bloggess - I *just* discovered that you can actually "Tweet" pics directly from your Android to Twitter (Yes, I *am* a Total Tool!). And since I have, like, practically NO followers, that makes Twitter a better way to get my blog pics uploaded!

This way, when I'm making/blogging about - say - Beef Stew and want to post a pic on the blog, I can upload it to Twitter and only 17 Complete-And-Total-Strangers will be all "WTF - Why is she posting pictures of beef stew?"

Which is better than 100+ "Real People Who Actually Know Me" on Facebook thinking "WTF - Why is she posting pictures of beef stew?"

So The Bloggess has already SAVED ME from untold embarrassment! "Bless you O' Mighty Bloggess, Czar of Nothingness!"

Hell, at this rate, maybe I can become her Bestest Internet Stalker - EVAR! Hell, maybe I can even get her to block me (much like William Shatner). Oh, hope springs eternal!!!

* * * * *
So anyway, I think I've read, like, the first years' worth of her posts (and she links to other blogs/sites where she posts and I think my head would explode if I tried to read EVERYTHING she ever wrote) (so maybe I'm too lazy to be a TRUE Internet Stalker), and I felt momentarily inspired to blah-blah-blog something here.

So I did.

:::whew::: Glad I got *that* out of my system!

Anyway, not a whole helluva lot going on around here right now (hence the relative quiet). I did manage to get some half-way serious tree-pruning done (Pics, Commentary forthcoming... Or not!). And tonight, I think I want to brew up another batch of my Cranberry Apple Jam (which totally ROCKS and - ahem - I think we've eaten through most of my last batch :::gasp!:::). (And by "we" I mean "me" b/c Hubs isn't a Jamster. Hmph!)

And I'm planning a "Girls Gone Wild" weekend in San Diego. Me and Friend-P are piling into the Sebring, at zero-dark-thirty Friday Morning, and heading down for a Potter's Council Conference in SanDog. Maybe I'll blog while I'm there. Maybe not. Maybe we'll make a side-trip to Tijuana where we'll be abducted by Zombies. Who knows?

Anyway, this is just another rambling, meaningless post (so what else is new, right?!). Time to read through another months' worth of Bloggess Ramblings, then whip up a batch o' jam!

Party on!!!

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