Friday, May 27, 2011

Oops. Falling behind again!!!

Damned Real-Life keeps getting in the way of blogging!

The last blog post was actually me screwing around with a "Review" page on CSN Stores (it worked, obviously! But I don't think I'll be doing it again). And, of course, the "Cheater-Post" of sharing the Viral Video of "Ultimate Dog Tease" (which I *still* find hysterical!).

Last weekend, I was at a Potter's Council Conference in Temple, TX (Yee-Haw). I think it was called "Inspired Surfaces" or something like that - and I learned some stuff and got TONS of inspiration (and laughed my @$$ off - since I was traveling with P). Annnnnd, I bought myself a prezzie! I bought myself a little baby potter's wheel - not because I want to throw pots (I don't like throwing on the wheel), but because I learned some cool "other" applications for a potter's wheel. And it was Super-Cheap @ the show (like, appx $300.00). It should arrive sometime next week :-)

I'll have to download my pictures from my Droid and post some notes about the conference...

I've also *mostly* finished the studio and have also converted it to my "Home Office." Again, pics will be forthcoming. (But no - I still haven't finished the "Kiln Korner" and my kiln *still* isn't out there! Hopefully, this weekend....)

The cool part about having my office out there is: if I'm on a Conference Call where I *don't* have to talk - I can, umm, "multi-task" and work on some of my stuff (Shhhhh! Don't tell my boss, k?!). In fact, there was a Team Meeting this week (for the Development Team - not MY Team - and it was just "informational" anyway!), and I managed to squish out two new plates and a bowl during that call. I would *never* do that on a Client Call, but for "blah-blah-blah" informational meetings, I don't see a huge problem with it (especially considering that - previously - during those types of calls, I'd be playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook!) (Again, Shhhhh!!!).

The other cool thing about working out there is: It's just so damned PLEASANT! I can open the windows, get some fresh air, listen to the birds chirping, look out and watch my garden grow (Damn - is my garden HAPPY!) (Yes, need to take pics of that, too!). Annnnd... Don't get me wrong! I *do* work out there, too! I've got a desk, laptop, printer, land-line, and basically everything I need to perform my job functions. Annnnd I am "Ergonomically Correct" dammit.

All of the California "Home-Shored Associates" had to have "Ergonomic Assessments" from an outside contractor (probably because some dipsh*t sued somebody because of their own stupidity - but I digress!) - and I passed with [mostly] flying colors. The only humunha-humunha suggestion the Ergo-Dude had was to rig-up a docking station and full-sized monitor on my midget-desk. I *insisted* that the company did give me a docking station + monitor, but that I preferred to leave them at the office. I do have a keyboard/mouse set-up on an ergonomic pull-out tray with wrist-rest. I use my laptop as my monitor (at eye-level thankyouverymuch). "I don't *want* any more equipment out here because this is - first-and-foremost - my Art Studio!" "At the end of the day, I shut-down my laptop and bring it into the house - along with any paperwork that requires shredding." Any and all horizontal surfaces in the shed are used for my artistic "Works In Progress." Any monitor, left out there, would take up space and would - most likely - get destroyed b/c I generate a LOT of clay-dust. He blah-blah'ed about the laptop monitor not being big enough, and I pointed out that I could see/read it *just fine* and - if I wanted to, I could move the entire laptop CLOSER to me. So he made whatever notes he deemed appropriate, took a few measurements, snapped a picture of my desk, and proclaimed that my work-station seemed to be -ergonomically - fine. Then he went on his way (Yay!).

(I found the entire experience to be pretty annoying - to tell you the truth!)

Anyhoooo... I thought I had time to post a "real" blog-post but My Beloved has come home from work now, so I'll have to finish up later (maybe while I'm out in my Studio/Office!).

THREE-DAY-WEEKEND coming up (Yay!!!) - With Crap-Tastic Weather forecast (Boo!!!)

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