Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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Very Nice - Very Tropical!

By imqtpi from San Jose, CA on 5/10/2011


5out of 5

I was pleased to learn that, yes, it does open and close. The 9-foot model is easier because it has a pulley system (the 7-foot does not).

And, with a little bit of sawing or filing, it will fit in a standard umbrella stand. The pole is natural bamboo so depending on where the "joint" is, you might need to cut a few inches off the base. In fact, the umbrella is *very* tall, so you'll probably want to shorten it anyway (height is not adjustable).

I bought the 7' umbrella first, but I found it wasn't quite big enough to shade our Tiki Bar (it seems a little less than 7' in diameter - more like 6'. But I haven't measured it).

I ended up buying the 9' umbrella for the Bar, and I moved the 7' to our outdoor dining table.

Overall, I am very satisfied. I love them and hope they can withstand our blazing summer sun and last more than a year or two (they will be stored in winter)...

7-foot umbrella on our Tiki Bar


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9-foot umbrella - underside view


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