Monday, February 2, 2009

Newsflash: Jimmy's Comin' (and Machete Epitaph - err Epilogue!)

WooHooo!!! Jimmy Buffett's Concert Schedule is posted here!

He's comin' to NorCal on May 19. Unfortunately, he's coming to Concord Pavilion (which is a helluva drive from here), and it's on a School Night! Not sure if Rog can make it - but even if he can't, I'll go Solo! (I *am* goin'!!!)

* * * * *
Machete Update:

I'd posted, a few days ago, about my Sportsmans Guide Machete with the "razor sharp" blade. And it's utter inability to slice through even the wimpiest plants in my yard. Cannas? Forget it! I even tried it on dead ornamental grasses - Nada!

I emailed my ePal, and her S/O's response was "Take it to a Sharpening Shop" (Well "Duhhhh!!!") (Hey - No sense bein' blonde if you can't "Act It" every once in awhile!). Of course, there's no guarantee it'll hold an edge, but it should - at least - be sharpenable...

Well, I called around and was told that it would cost $25.00 to sharpen it (and it's not even a "While-U-Wait" kinda shop). My mind is having difficulty processing the idea of paying $25.00 to sharpen a $20.00 knife!

And since I don't even OWN a Fedora (Nor do I have a 5 o'clock shadow - Thank Goodness!)... Well, I guess I'll just have to give-up on my Indiana Jones Fantasies :::sigh:::

Seems the K-Mart Hedge Clippers'll just have to do...

Heck, the majority of the plants are hacked back already, anyway.

Anybody want a dull machete for cheap???

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