Sunday, January 12, 2014

I'm kinda scatterbrained! (Limoncello Recipe Follow-up - 2+ years late!)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

I wrote this post.

And the original recipe (linked in the aforementioned post) said something about "the longer it ages, the smoother it gets."

Well, "out of sight, out of mind," as they say.  I put it in the back of the closet and promptly forgot about it!.  So the tequila-bottle full of lemon zest and 100-proof vodka has been aging in our closet for, ohhhhhh, a LONG time!  So it oughtta be REAL smooth, right?!

I forgot to snap a pic of it when I first extricated it from the closet, but it looked a lot like this:

Except the bottle was still full of yellow vodka, and the no-longer-yellow zest had all settled to the bottom.

Anyway, I pulled up the original website and followed the directions from there...  Filtered out the lemon zest, and then triple-filtered it with coffee filters.  Then I made up a batch of simple syrup (5 cups filtered water, 3-1/2 cups white sugar) (not gonna attempt a low-carb variant at this point).  Combined the syrup with the lemon-vodka.  Mixed well, then decided to pour it straight into my sterilized bottles (rather than hold it in a jug, then decant).

Now it looks something like this:

I ended up with two one-liter bottles (the swing-cap bottles that I found at IKEA), one 750 ml bottle (I reused a Captain Morgan bottle), and 1 eight-oz canning jar (not pictured) full of Limoncello.

Now I think it needs to age a bit more at this point.  The original website said 45 days, but I'll probably sneak a taste after a month.

Annnnnd...  I've moved the bottles into the den (which is a pretty-dark room most of the time) so HOPEFULLY I won't forget 'em!

I hope to post an update whenever I give it a taste - but I am pretty optimistic that it will be delicious!  It certainly smelled lemony (and the color is gorgeous!).

It will be an "occasional" treat (owing to the sugar-content), but I bet it will be wonderful in the summertime!

And my next "Wild Hair" Culinary Adventure may (or may not) be an attempt at making Apple Cyser - which is sort-of a cross between hard-cider and mead.  Had some with lunch, yesterday, and it was amazingly delicious - and Google leads me to believe that it's not too difficult to make!

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