Tuesday, February 26, 2013

And now for something completely different...

No reason, other than I wanted to get these pictures posted and linkable!

Highway Wiener Nationals - 2007

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Tazz "The Spazz" is in the #5 position (and took a commanding lead!)
Princess Annie is #6 (and I don't think she even budged!)


Tazz won her heat and took fourth, overall, out of (I'm guessing) several hundred dogs!

And what did we win (besides Bragging Rights)?

Burglars Beware - or - "Watch Your Ankles!"

Awesome times!

The following year, we didn't do so well.  Tazz made it to the finish line - and beyond!!!  Either her vision was starting to go and she just-plain didn't see me (that's a distinct possibility), or she was just so excited she ran right past me and into the crowd!

Sadly, after two back surgeries, Tazz's racing days are over.  And Annie and Dynah are just too lazy slow for racing!

And in related news:  If you're even remotely into Weenie Dogs, this movie is absolutely HYSTERICAL!

Wiener Takes All

Here is a trailer:

OTOH - If you aren't into Weenie Dogs, you'll probably shake your head and wonder what the hell is wrong with people! ;-)


Edit: Ooh, I Googled 2007 Wiener Nationals and - aside from getting the Wienerschnitzel Competition - I did find one more photos of my girls!

Tazz and Dynah, and an unidentified onlooker!
Image Credit: westbaybanjo on Flickr

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Lo said...

QT,,,,,,,,thanks so much for your kind words about my video and vocal (?)

I do not know how that brief post escped and got to you....I only put it up for 5 minutes so I could see if it worked....it was actually a test and not nmeant for human consumption.

Check my post today.....it has a teaser and my next one should contain a full fledged 2 minute video with a vocal of sorts.

I love weiner dogs.


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