Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Random Ramblings: Party Central!

So - go figure! - I am calling this my "Lost Summer," owing to the stupid bullsh*t psoriasis crap, and THIS is the summer that Hubs figures out that "Hey!  We've got a GREAT yard for parties!  Let's throw some!"

It's all good...  Really, it is!  Except that "throwing parties" involves going to the grocery store, and procuring party-foods, and prepping finger-foods, and making dips, and marinating meats and whatnot.  All of which requires the Ability to Freaking Stand (and, maybe, Walk?!).

And...  Even though "Man Cooks With Fire" (with much flourish!), c'mon Ladies, we all KNOW that the Prep-Work is probably the bulk of a BBQ - Am I right?!!

No, I am NOT b*tching about this - because I LOVE to have people over!  And yes, we DO have the Ultimate Party Yard!  And I'm glad that we are finally SHARING it with friends and neighbors!

So we've had four parties, so far, this year - including TWO this past weekend!  That's TWO days in a row, folks!

So THAT'S why I couldn't do my "Gushy Tenth Anniversary Post" on Friday - I was running my @$$ ragged with grocery-store runs, and dip-making, and cake-destroying and all that good stuff!

I *am* getting increasingly lazy, however...  Now I'm purchasing the pre-cut Veggie Trays (excuse me Crudité Platter!  We are CLASSY, ya know?!).  Seriously, though...  ANYTHING to cut back on the prep-work is worth it to me - these days!

Annnnnd...  Since this last couple of parties were held with closer, more familiar, friends - this time around I willingly took them up on their offer(s) of "Do you need any help?!"

No "Hostess with the Mostess" Delusions for me!  I gladly accepted assistance - especially on Sunday - after I managed to slice-off the tips of my right thumb and index finger whilst slicing tomatoes and onions with my mandoline! Oooops!  (Funny story there: When I bought my mandoline-slicer off of Amazon, there were a bunch of negative customer reviews from ppl complaining that "the blade is REALLY sharp and you could CUT yourself!" Like "DUHHHH!!  Isn't that the whole point behind a mandoline-slicer?!") (No, I won't be posting a negative review on Amazon b/c I WAS AN IDIOT and neglected to use the safety/veggie-squisher/holder thingie!).

Anyway, both parties were very casual and fun...  And I didn't feel awkward about accepting help when it was offered...  And a Grand Time was Had by All!

No pictures from this party - although I think there were a few posted on Facebook (LOL - Pretty-much we were all communicating via Facebook Post throughout Sunday's Party!)...  It was basically "same as before" - kids in the pool (although these kids were young adults!), and people clustered around the Tiki Bar.


This coming weekend, we have our fifth (and Final) party scheduled.  Couple of Hubbie's Deadhead Friends are coming down for a BBQ and Swim.  I hope the weather holds out!  I have to (sadly) admit that there *is* a touch of Autumn in the air (BooooooHooooooooo!!!!!!!!)................

But I am still holding out hope that (soon!) my tomatoes will "rally" and give me BUSHELS of fruit so I can get to work canning AWESOME home-made pasta sauce!

We shall see...

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