Saturday, June 30, 2012

Radio Silence = Not feeling well...


My biggest fear in life - thus far - has been that I would turn into one of those "Old People" who, when you asked "How are you?" would reply with an HONEST response!!!

I don't wanna go there so....  Suffice it to say that - when I go "silent" for awhile - it means I feel like sh*t!

A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling "Pretty Okay" and actually managed to log some serious Studio Time (Yay!).  In the meantime, I went for a follow-up visit with my dermatologist who "upped" me to a particularly NASTY exfoliating topical ointment/treatment.  The minute I applied the topical-ointment-du-jour, my hands burned like I'd stuck them into a vat of boiling acid (I couldn't get my hands into a sink fast enough!) and I have, since, broken-out in itchy hives/scales over 70-80% of my body.


Hubs thought it was sunburn - and offered to slather me in Aloe.  Unfortunately, no.  It's now turned into full-blown guttate psoriasis.


So..........  Long story short:  I have "fired" my last dermatologist (#4 - IIRC), and I am now seeing a NEW dermatologist (one who is listed as being a member of the "President's Council" of the Psorisasis Foundation).  I did express that "I mean no disrespect to the doctors at Stanford Dermatology..." (yada-yada) "But...  The bottom line is, I am not getting better, I am GETTING WORSE" (as I broke into tears in the doctor's office - talk about f**king embarrassing!!!).

Anyway...  I am going in to have more labs drawn (Yippy-Skippy).  And I think we're gonna start with immuno-suppressants (like they give to transplant patients - Double-Yippy-Skippy).  Hopefully - one way or another - we'll achieve SOME kinda relief...

In the meantime, since this ISN'T my place to whine about health-woes, I may stay kinda "quiet" for the time-being...

However, since this IS supposed to be my Happy Place, I WILL post about Garden Updates and/or Awesome Recipes I encounter!  This weekend?  Santa Rosa Plums are ripening LIKE FREAKING CRAZY!!!  So far, we've been eating a couple-three fresh-plums - straight off of the tree.  In the next week I hope to cobble-together a pie, or some kinda cobbler.  Or I might make more jam - who knows?!!

For the time-being, I am "Laying Low" and just trying to get through the day.........................

Thank GAWD I telecommute full-time (otherwise, I might HAVE to go out on disability or some kinda nonsense!).  And, honestly, my insanely-busy workload - of late - has actually been a Godsend because it gives me something to FOCUS on (besides my otherwise MISERABLE state!).

Anyhoooooo....  Sorry for being such a BUMMER, but that's my (lame, but accurate) excuse for being an Absent-Blogger!

More later (I hope)!!!!!


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