Saturday, March 17, 2012

Random Ramblings: Updates (here) and Recipe (to follow!)

Oops. I've been kinda silent for awhile, haven't I?

Part of it is: I have a Medical Excuse (that I'd rather not get into - but let's just say it's tough to type when you've got to wear gloves!)

The better part is: Things HAVE been kinda hectic lately - including seeing two (Yes, TWO!!!) Jimmy Buffett Shows. He played San Jose week-before-last, but hubs couldn't go 'cuz he was stuck in So-Cal on a Business Trip. But then hubs decided to extend his business trip so he could drive down to San Diego. I then flew down on Saturday morning and we got to see Jimmy last Saturday night!

For the San Jose Show, I managed to make my SECOND appearance on "The Parking Lot Video" (my smiling mug blasted up on the big-screen). So that was SUPER cool! And I made a few new phriends from the Latitude 38 Parrothead Club.

My license plate on the Big Screen :-)
The Plate + Frame says "It's 5CLOCK Somewhere"
They then panned up to me, looking at my watch,
giving the Thumb's-Up and drinking my margarita.

Unfortunately, there was too much shutter-lag on my
camera to capture the pic of my face on the big-screen.
But I was up there! Really!!!

By the time I got to San Diego, my medical condition was *really* starting to flare up (Okay-okay, I've got psoriasis - if anyone cares!), so walking, dancing - even standing - was pretty painful. And by the time we got home, I was pretty-well whooped!

Still, it was loads of fun and I'm not gonna let ANYTHING stop me from having a good time at a Jimmy Buffett Show! (Even if it means suffering for over a week afterward, trying to recover!) (Gawd it SUCKS getting old!!!).

Since we've been back, I did go to see the dermatologist. She gave me a shot of prednisone so now I'm "Bloated, irritable and hungry all the time" (Great - JUST what I need!), the itching is *starting* to subside, but I still feel and look pretty reptilian. Niiiiiiiice! And much of the "pain" is still there, unfortunately.

...As is a bit of a "funky," bummer, depressed mood ("Sucks getting old" and "Sucks not being able to DO anything" "Waaahhh-Waaahhh-Waaahhh!")

In the meantime, I still have a boatload of yard chores to complete (Not hap'nin'!). We actually ARE getting *some* rain (which is actually a good partial excuse for not completing yard chores).

Friend-P has been cranking out tons of new Ceramic projects and posting pictures of them on Facebook, and texting and emailing me with pictures and excellent ideas of New Projects to start. And loaning me DVD's of different ceramic-techniques, yada-yada.

She's actually *trying* to cheer me up - which I greatly appreciate. But the fact is, it's having the exact OPPOSITE effect because - as long as my hands are all reptilian and painful - I *can't* go out and Play in the Clay :::sigh:::

Psoriasis is "triggered" by stress - but I can't partake in my "stress-reducing" hobbies because I've got friggin' psoriasis!!! (How's THAT for a f**king miserable Catch-22???)

Sooooo... I'm doing my best to take it easy. I spend much of my time with my feet propped-up (and slathered in Rx goop), and my hands equally slathered-and-gloved. I hope to regain *some* semblance of health by the end of next week. P and I are going to a "Make a Clay Birdhouse" class at a local (different) ceramic studio, next week. And next Saturday is the Annual Santa Clara Master Gardener's Spring Garden Market (how's THAT for a mouthful?!).

I definitely need to be in "fighting form" for that (Literally and figuratively!). I have started a few varieties of tomatoes (and other stuff) on my bathroom windowsill, and my germination rate looks pretty good, so far (Especially considering that the seeds are 3-4+ years old). But I've never had much success with starting things from seed and expect that most will perish upon transplant. I don't want to "hedge my bets" and I do plan to buy WAAAAY too many plants at the Spring Market!

Baby Sproutlings. I think I've had about a 70% germination rate, so far...

So yeah, I plan to kick back as much as possible for the next week (even though I am practically climbing the walls with Cabin Fever already!) so, hopefully, I'll recover enough to be able to get out there and accomplish something worthwhile next weekend!

And maybe, just maybe, I can get back to my Therapeutic, Stress-Releasing Clay-Play sometime SOON!!!
Kiln loaded with greenware, to be bisqued

Bisque-ware, unloaded from the kiln and ready for glaze.
Now, if I can just get to where I feel GOOD enough to get out there and slap some glaze on it!

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