Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blah-Blah Winter Blahs....

Okay, true to the Blog-Name, I will Ramble Randomly today... Prob'ly no pics or nuthin'!

I'm kind of in a Funk right now because... Well... Winter is coming (ain't no stoppin' it!), and I freaking HATE winter!!!

It's not like this Winter-Thing is a surprise or anything. Well, actually, it kind of IS - because we've had a simply LOVELY October, with utterly PLEASANT afternoons, and - in spite of the fact that my workload has been positively freaking INSANE (and don't get me wrong - I *love* my job and *love* working from home! But it *has* been nuts, lately!) - I've managed to squeeze in a fair amount of Tiki Bar/Rita Time...

This is actually "pretty normal" and, in fact, *usually* between Oct 31 and Nov 1 (like clockwork!), "The Powers That Be" grab hold of the Celestial Thermostat and immediately crank it down from 80*s to 50*s, like, overnight!

Well, today is November 1 and it is still in the mid 70's (late afternoon). But the weather prognosticators are predicting an Alaskan Storm-front, along with our FIRST FROST tomorrow - and possible showers!!!


Now I *should have* taken advantage of the utterly pleasant October weather to start "packing away" the backyard. But, alas, I didn't! ("Just call me Cleopatra 'cuz I am the Queen of De-Nial!!!")

Actually, that's not entirely true. I did start packing away some of the summer lounge-chairs about a month ago. But there's still TONS to be put away. The thatch umbrellas need to come down and get stowed in the shed; the outdoor dining table needs to get covered; the Tiki Bar also needs to be covered... And sh*t needs to be moved so that plants can be stowed in slightly-safer locations!

(And summer veggies need to be ripped out... And Cool-Season veggies need to be planted... And yada-yada, yada-yada!)

Yesterday, I did manage to move the Bar Fridge and Sink over to the front porch of the shed (under an eave so they are semi-protected), and I did move my Plumerias up against the house. Need to move my Lime Tree, too...

Irony there: DH bought me a greenhouse for my birthday several years ago. 2007 to be exact!

The purpose of the greenhouse was to protect my "marginal" plants over winter. And, for the first few years, it did a damn-good job! (well, except that by the end of winter, the poor plants would be utterly infested with aphids and spider mites - who seemed to love the warm, dry conditions in there!). Well, it did *such* a good job that my Plumerias have grown into bona-fide TREES and are now too big to fit through the door of the greenhouse!


So now I have to move the Plumies next to an East-facing wall (can't get to the south-facing wall, unfortunately). And on those nights where frosts are predicted, I have to cover them with sheets!

But annnnyyyywaaaaaayyyyy... I've moved the Plumies to the East-Facing wall - behind the Tiki Bar. And I've stuck ugly stakes into the pots (so the stakes can support the bed-sheets on Frosty nights!).

I've still got quite a bit more to do - but I think I'll try to tackle it tomorrow (when it's cold and I have no choice but to let-go of my denial that winter is coming!!!). For this afternoon/evening, I intend to sit out at the Tiki Bar and enjoy another Margarita....


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