Monday, October 24, 2011

AWOL in AZ... Jimmy Buffett Show!

Mac McAnally and Jimmy Buffett performing "Pirate Looks at 40"

Oops! Went AWOL again. Sorry 'bout that!

We had a brief, weekend sojourn in Tempe/Phoenix/Chandler/Peoria, AZ. See? Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers did *not* do any shows in California this year (B@stitches!).

When they posted a last-minute AZ show, I turned to DH and said "You've got Southwest Miles, right? Let's GO!"

And so we did!

So Thursday, 10/20, we awoke at zero-dark-thirty and headed to the airport. Boarded our Freebie Flight (and were surrounded by wriggly, shrieking infants!) (Thank Gawd it was a short flight!). Arrived in PHX, took the Shuttle Bus 450 miles to the off-terminal Rental Car Garage, picked up our Ford Focus Weenie-Mobile, then checked into Candlewood Suites in Tempe.

First thing we needed to do was procure Margarita-Fixin's. No, actually, the FIRST thing we needed to do was EAT, so we went to Joe's Crab Shack. Now there's something rather ironic about traveling TO THE DESERT to eat crab. I actually suffered a bit of a moral dilemma/guilt-trip over ordering Dungeness Crab! (Seein' as how San Francisco is, like, FAMOUS for Dungeness Crab!). Anyway, the food was delicious - and Joe's Crab Shack looks like a TOTALLY fun place! I wish we had one closer to home!

SECOND thing we needed to do was procure Margarita-Fixin's! Now, one would think that a veritable metropolis such as Tempe would have an abundance of Grocery Stores. Not so! At least not where we were staying! So we relied on Bertha (Hubbie's GPS) to direct us to the nearest grocery store. He plugged in "Safeway" and, well, let's just say that GPS's aren't entirely fool-proof (meaning that us people operating said GPS are the "fools" in that statement!).

It was kinda reminiscent of P's and my "Adventure" with trying to find the airport in Texas. P's GPS directed us to a Military Airbase which - "technically" - IS an airport! (I'm just super-relieved that we allowed a WHOLE lot of time to drive back to the airport!!!)

Well, as we were following Bertha's directions, we entered a *very* industrial area and I was thinkin' (but not saying) that "this doesn't look like the kinda neighborhood for a grocery store!" Sure enough! Bertha was directing us to a Safeway "Distribution Center" with big-rigs galore!

We *did* end up finding an Albertson's - not too terribly far from where we. And - since there aren't an abundance of grocery-stores, they seem to "make up for it" by having MASSIVE grocery stores. Hell, I practically needed the GPS to make my way back to the checkstands!

Anyway, I raced through the store (DH was waiting in the car) to pick up everything we needed (including a couple of beers for Hubs). Selection of silver tequila was rather limited, so I opted for the 1.75L of Sauza. Picked up a couple jugs of Fresca and a bottle of Nellie and Joe's Key Lime Juice. I already had Splenda and coarse sea-salt back at the room.

After that, I was totally jonesin' for a Rita. So as soon as we got back to the room, I opened the fridge only to discover NO ICE!!! (AAAAAACCCCKKK!!!). Called the front desk: No ice machine either!!!!

Opened up my Tequila, Fresca and Lime Juice bottle - only to discover that the Lime Juice had gone BAD (ahem - it was BROWN! ICK!!!!).

So I quickly made ANOTHER trip to a "closer" Grocery Store (which turned out to be a Mexican Market - but whatever!). Bought a bag of ice and a pound of fresh limes (Yayyyy!!!).

It was an ordeal, but DAMMIT, I *got* my Sugar-Free Margarita!

I figured I wanted to get my buzz-on *before* we left for the show because I didn't want to "pay the ransom" for High-Fructose-Corn-Syrup 'Ritas at the show (although I did end up ordering a couple once we got there!).

Anyhoooooo.... Hubs did NOT want to do the Tailgate thing (:::::GASP:::::). And it was probably just as well because we'd pretty-well run out of time for getting to the parking lot early. Plus we couldn't tailgate "properly" without Willie, the Tiki Truck!

So, the show was FREAKING AWESOME! I actually really like their concert venue - a LOT. It is much more "Patron-Friendly" than Shoreline Amphitheatre. Not nearly as "steep" - in terms of steps to climb. And it's WAY more "open" meaning, when you go out to the concessions to buy another beer (or High Fructose 'Rita), you can still HEAR the show.

And People in AZ seem to be a lot friendlier, in general, than California peeps. JMHO....

It was a fantastic show and a great experience. And I got my Jimmy Buffett "Fix" for the year, so Life. Is Good!

There's more to yak about, but I'll post some "Wild Hair" (Second Home/Retirement) stuff in a separate post...

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