Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rejoining the Human Race...

Well, after having been utterly and completely ROBBED of a Three-Day-Weekend, I am slowly starting to return to a quasi-normal state.

Thank goodness for P. Bless her heart, she checked-in on me yesterday to see if I needed anything. To be honest, I was totally craving hot tea with toast and jam. I had the tea and jam - but nothing toast-able - and I was feeling waaaaay too gross to go out in public to buy a loaf of bread at the grocery store.

Just as I was working up the nerve to ask her to pick me up a loaf of GOOD bread, she suggested that she might pick-up lunch from Le Boulanger - *the* very place where the GOOD bread comes from!

So she brought lunch over! Bowls of soup (French Onion for me - Mmmmm!) and a couple of sourdough rolls. I made fresh salads for the both of us, and we had lunch, al fresco, at the Tiki Bar. Weather has been absolutely PERFECT this week (mid-80's to mid-90's)

And she left me a simply scrumptious loaf of 9-grain bread - which satisfied my Toast 'n Jam Cravings quite nicely.

I've still got a bit of a lingering funk goin' on (couldn't sleep fer sh*t last night - too congested). And, since I'm such a Caring and Sharing Soul, I have given my cold to DH. So now *he's* all punky too. Yes, we are quite the pair!

Bummer part is: We've got concert tickets for tomorrow night. B-52's, The Human League and Men Without Hats. I was totally looking forward to that show - and we've got Fan-Freaking-Tastic Seats (5 rows from the stage!).

Looks like I'll have to Craigslist 'em :::sigh:::

But... Other than that, I *am* starting to feel a bit better. I'm hoping to completely rejoin the human race by the end of the week. And I'm getting ready to tackle my next "Preservation Project:" Limoncello made from fresh, organic lemons!

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