Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let's Finish the Studio!!!

...And let's get all crazy and write TWO posts at once! (Actually, it's mainly because I have a tough time with uploading too many photos in one post. Yep, I'm LAZY that way!).

So now I've got my Very Own Shed! Soon-To-Be My Very Own Studio - Yay!!!

I'll try to smoosh in some interior pictures here but basically I've got an 8x12 shed with THREE (count 'em, THREE windows!), a 9-light house-door with a WINDOW, and a Skylight Vent overhead.

Is it bright?! You bet'cha!!! I *love* sunny and bright (our house, OTOH, oftentimes feels a bit like a cave!)...

Sunny 'n Bright! :-)

Doorway, Window and Skylight Vent

Durock floor in the Kiln Korner (Durock went on the walls, too)

Electrician wuz here!

Insulation going up...

Insulation and Drywall, going up.

Big Attic Ventilation Fan in my Kiln-Corner (Plus Durock on the walls/floor)

Last piece of drywall going up!!

Skylight, after excavation (it got insulated and drywalled-over).

View thru the door (excuse the cardboard and wood-scraps for stepping stones!)
View thru my work-table window.
Come fall, I should be able to reach out and pick plums from the tree!

The shed, itself, was walled w/exterior sheathing over 2x4 studs. The floor was OSB. I plan to spend a LOT of time out there, creating whatever crap my heart-desires. Plus I'm gonna have a medium-sized high-fire kiln out there (courtesy of Santa-Rog). So now I've gotta "finish" the sumbitch!!!

I hired a bona-fide Electrician to install an 80amp sub-panel, running to the shed. Plus install lighting and a buttload of electrical outlets (the kiln requires 2 x 120v/20amp circuits). We built it with "room-to-grow" - in case I ever decide to upgrade to a 240v kiln someday...

I also hired my friend's son, Chris (aka "Rent-A-Son-Services, LLC"), hereafter known as "RASS" or "Chris" (depending upon my mood!), to handle some of the "finish" work. I purchased some El-Cheapo Brand Oak Laminate Flooring from Home Depot, which Chris installed in 2 days. Then I hired my B-I-L to do the insulation and drywall work since, ostensibly, that was what he did for a living (when he was employed - but let's not go there, okay?!)...

I was going to write a completely separate "Rant"/post about the positively sh*t-tastic job he did of installing the insulation and drywall (he insulated and drywalled *over* my skylight vent AND plastered and/or drywalled *over* two electrical outlets!!!). But I have decided to "take the high road" and skip the full-blown "rant." (but I *was* pissed-off BEYOND comprehension!!!).

Instead, I hired my neighbor to scrape-down the sh*t work and re-do the drywall texturing for me. All told, I spent *as much* (if not more) than I would have - had I hired a drywall contractor in the first place...
Final Texturing Job (Looks freaking awesome!!!)
(I'm not even gonna post pics of the sh*t texture that B-I-L put-on)

Anyway, I now have Oak Laminate Flooring, and a nicely textured drywall surface, and R-19 insulation in the walls (and a visible/usable skylight vent!). Presently, we are in the process of priming the walls... Then, I intend to get all Artsy-Crazy on the walls and try to do a trompe l'oei painting, so the studio *looks* like a Tiki Bar on the beach... We'll see how *that* goes!

OMG - I think I'm "up-to-date" on the Studio Progress! Hell, that must mean I won't post again for at least another 6 months!!! ;-)

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