Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

We had a quiet one, at home. Actually kinda nice for a change. I'm getting to where I don't like dealing with big crowds (or spending lots of money!) just to feel like sh*t the next day!

* * * * *
Not much going on - but I did go into the office yesterday. On my way home, I stopped at Neptune Aquatics in Milpitas. They were recommended by some posters on They have THE coolest little BioCube 14 set-up on the check-out counter!

Full tank shot

I asked a few questions about the tank (I'm sure I'll have more!) and the guy was extremely helpful. They've done the same thing that I intend to do as far as setting up a Refugium in the center chamber - with chaetomorpha macroalgae and live rock rubble (I'll probably skip the rubble). And they do sell chaeto - Yay!

This tank *does* have stock lighting so I'm feeling pretty encouraged! I've been reading where some hobbyists drop loads of money on upgraded light fixtures - and I really don't want to do that!

They even have a clam in there (up at the top)!


And they've got the cutest black-and-white clown-fish who's hosted a Duncan coral.

You can't see him real well, but he's nestled in the top of the anemone-looking thing.

And there's also a couple of gobies in there. I really like the "character" of the Twinspot goby. He is quite the little earth-mover! He kept diving behind the green coral, scooping up a HUGE mouthful of sand, then spitting it out a few inches away! It was hysterical to watch!

The Twinspot is a little blurry
(not enough contrast for my camera to pick it up)

I don't even know what-all is in their tank, but I'm gonna do my damndest to try to replicate it. I like how the live rock is piled up almost all the way to the top. I want to do something similar - but hopefully leave a swim-thru down near the bottom. I'll probably buy a bunch of their Marco Base Rock (it's not live rock - but it's cool-lookin'!) and a few chunks of live rock to get the tank cycling...

For now - still not much happening! I'm still waiting for the Big Brown Truck to bring me more goodies! In the meantime, Rog cut out a backer-board for the TV stand, and I've spray painted it black (naturally, it started to rain *while* I was doing that!!!). Hopefully, we'll get the stand assembled this weekend. I'll also start to re-arrange the living room - once I take the Christmas Tree down.

It'll happen. Might take forever, but it'll happen!

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